The American Scam

“Everyone knows how productive you can be when you’re avoiding something. We are currently experiencing the civilizational equivalent of that anxiety you feel when you have something due the next day that you haven’t even started thinking about and yet still you sit there, helplessly watching whole seasons of mediocre TV or compulsively clicking through quintillions of memes even as your brain screams at you — the same way we scream at our politicians about guns and abortion and climate change — to do something.”

It’s Time to Stop Living the American Scam, by Tim Kreider

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  1. Why did you become a citizen then.
    Honestly asking….
    Seems weird.
    I like your site a lot tho

  2. “Me,” I’m genuinely curious if you read the article that this quote comes from? Seems you’re feeling triggered. You have to agree that all societies can improve. There is no society that’s perfect.