Stackable Bed

Yep, I am on a minimal guest bed hunt. Turns out the ones I am into are not available in the US. Like this one from Manufaktum. Love the minimal aesthetic of this brand so much.

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  1. We just got the polysleep couch. It’s minimal and affordable. My mom (aka my most critical guest) loves it and finds it very comfy. I wish they had a different fabric for the overlay, but it’s a great addition to our tiny 2nd bedroom.

  2. Oh, I also want to mention the (discontinued) IKEA TARVA daybed. They still sell the regular Tarva beds but the daybed has a slide-out tray like the bed in your previous post. I spent a long time scouring craigslist to get mine. I also think that it’d be very easy to saw off the protuding corner “headboard” part of it to make it even more streamlined.

  3. I forgot to post the ikea one:

    UTÅKER Stackable bed – pine 80×200 cm

  4. Well, it´s made by Mueller Moebelwerkstaetten in Germany. They offer free shipping from 1000 euro up outside of germany for big items, free from 200 euro for small items.