On Bringing People Together

The wonderful Madeleine Dore interviewed me for her podcast/newsletter A Social Life with Friends. You can listen to it on Spotify or Apple iTunes. And you can read her Substack post here.

I love love love love how Madeleine shows up in the world – her thoughtfulness – the sparkles she sends out into the world with all of her projects.

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  1. We began as the Brooklyn Athletic League in Brooklyn, New York and changed
    our name four decades ago to the Staten Island Basketball League as we
    migrated over the Verrazano Bridge to Staten island.
    We play full court ball three times per week in this 90 plus year old gym.

    Old school gym for old school players. We have been a magnet over the years
    for players who were tired of the run, gun and selfish ways of younger players in the parks.

    Players that could not take the heavy wear and tear on their bodies pounding concrete all the time.
    We became a haven for an army of these types of players creating a
    pick up basketball paradise.

    Founded, nurtured and managed all of these years by Craig Raucher it is called a league but
    it is much more then that. Really we are a group of men coming together and Wednesday nights and
    Saturday mornings like religious zealots seeking the high of a pick up Basketball
    win in controlled pick up games. Living on the
    winning shot until the next get together or the great pass or the monster rebound ecstasy
    and agony play out.

    Throughout these past 43 years over 400 players have come through the old gym doors to play regularly.
    We have had a long and rich history and a bright future.