Clouds and Umbrellas make me happy. Considering that one of Ella’s walls is light blue, these wall clouds would look amazing.

(thank you Dave)

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  1. How fun that these clouds are raining a rainbow of drops! I love the idea of a colorful rainy day!

  2. OH, these are awesome, I ‘d put them in my office If I know where to buy them.

  3. Cheery and sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, this is beautiful :D

    I love the idea, it´s simple, sweet, creative and colorful.

  5. The middle picture is my favorite one. Kids will love these.

  6. Perfect! Love the balloons…

  7. I love the color drops, the clouds and of course the little red umbrella is just adorable!

  8. Ooh, it’s really brilliant :) I like it

  9. This is just so fun and beautiful! My daughter’s room is nearly the same color. Mental gears are a’grinding…

  10. she & he so beautivul craft i love craft you and love the idea, it´s simple, sweet, creative and colorful

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