wogg pavilion


I am thrilled to see that the Wogg Pavilion is now available at DWR. A perfect sun-shelter for sun-allergy-peeps like moi. Love it.

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  1. thanks for mentioning the wogg-pavilion find out more at the product website (www.wogg-pavilion.com) . it comes in an additional color (light grey) as well as in a smaller size (available in red and ivory as well)

  2. plese giv me the price

  3. hi, i am attracted by the design of the wogg pavilion. How do you find the product? Is it worth it? I understand Wogg AG has sold the product to another company. Just wonder why?

  4. I bought the Wogg back in 2006 and LOVE it. It is well worth the purchase. We’ve used it for several occasions and always get compliments. It does a fantastic job of keeping you cool from the beating rays of the sun. There are several places to get them – we bought ours through Design With Reach (they no longer carry the Wogg). Those that I could find online are all out of the country.

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  6. It is cool.