Do you have an English name?

(via pauseability)

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  1. this magazine looks great, congrats! and happy birthday:)

  2. that is hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. “My name is…SMACKER”

    Thank you for this!

  4. Happy new year to you and your wondeful blog.. I’m French and my name is Severine… But anyway, English people call me “Submarine” !!
    Thnaks for this sharing by the way

  5. I love the japanese guys confusing the L and R. My travel guide has the photo of a Tokyo hotel with a “Key Dlop Box”. LOL

  6. Samanfar. that’s funny.

  7. This is way belated. Yours have been one of my favorite blogs, and I am totally impressed by what you have here. Didn’t know that I had a link on SwissMiss until today. Wow! I am absolutely honored.