swissmiss featured in ‘air’, a swiss travel lifestyle magazine


I am thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of ‘air’, a swiss travel lifestyle magazine. Here’s a link to the pdf, in case you’d like to read the article.

(thank you Marion W.)

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  1. what a lovely article!

  2. that’s awesome tina.

  3. wow! I feel so proud to know you! you TOTALLY deserve this kind of recognition.

  4. Cool Tina. It is fun to see a photo of you after following your blog for some time.

  5. Congrats on the profile. I love the Visual Thesaurus and I had no idea you were part of the project!

  6. Yet again, I nod my head and smile that you’re so fab. Yay, T! So proud of you. :)

  7. Really cool! Congrats.

  8. I’ll keep a copy for future ebay auction

  9. Die haben tatsächlich “white-space” mit weiss-orientiert statt Leerraum übersetzt… (Mal abgesehen von dem Rechtschreibfehler in dem Wort!) Oder sagt man das so bei euch in der Schweiz??

    They translated “white space” with white-orientated instead id “empty room” (in fact it’s “know-orientated” due to a spelling error).

    Cool anyways.

    Greetings from Vienna/Austria!