Will happiness find me?


My fabulous friend Martina got me Will Happiness find me by Fischli & Weiss for christmas. An artist’s book by the renowned Swiss duo dedicated to the questions that everyone asks themselves once in a while: Can something be unbelievable? Should I get drunk? Could I be Japanese? Is the freedom of birds overrated? Am I a farmer in winter? Does unease grow by itself? Should I crawl into my bed and stop producing things all the time?

Absolutely wonderful. My new favorite. Thank you Martina. Get yourself a copy!

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  1. The perfect book to slip in and out of on my next long haul flight.


  2. I´m off to order myself a copy.

  3. ‘Hilft hartnäckiges Wünschen?’ Ich meine ja und wünsch Dir nochmal alles, Alles!