lens culture now selling prints


I just completely splurged, still gasping, simply couldn’t help it. I just bought Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #2. I can’t remember when I was last so in love with a photograph. I can not wait to receive it. Check out all the other available prints over at lensculture.com

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  1. very happy for you, but incredibly envious too.
    you’ve chosen very wisely!
    hope you all are loving the new flat!
    xx from london.

  2. hi,
    i’ve been trying to purchase online one of myoung ho lee photographs, but the transaction doesnt go through. do you happen to have a contact number? none is listed on their website. i guess cairo, egypt may seem too far away :-)
    i feel the same when i see his tree series. breathless. would highly appreciate if you could tell me what to do.
    regards from the pyramids swiss miss!