The Corporate Assassin: Silence Is A Virtue

Andy just posted the first episode of The Corporate Assassin with Molly cast in the lead role. I find it highly amusing that the person being killed in this episode is the annoying graphic designer. Should I fear for my life?

Andy, (and Molly) well done. I am impressed!

(via dotmatrixproject)

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  1. Oh you have nothing to fear. Yet…

    Funny thing, this person was inspired by a graphic designer who I used to work with.

    If I had more time you would’ve seen how awful she was, I had to add other qualities to Molly’s character. Something that annoys everyone.

    Molly was fantastic.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. This is what should happen to all the worlds ‘graphic designers’! Hee hee. Think at one time we’ve all worked with someone similar to Carol! Funny little film.