ART over TV by Hoss



Daniel from Switzerland emailed to and shared his invention ART over TV. Eerie timing, as G and I were just discussing in length that we would only mount a tv in our living room if we had a mechanism in place that would slide a painting over it / hide it, when not in use. Eh voila, that’s what ART over TV does. When the TV is turned off the Hi-tech system – ART over TV – glides the picture of your choice into the position across the screen. This precision made lift holds any painting up to 20 pounds. It slides invisibly and smoothly.

Genious, isn’t it?

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  1. it’s fantastic!
    that’s what I will do when I get rid of my gloomy black living room bookcase/TV stand/storage unit. It’s incredible how drastically you change your taste in furniture!
    Another of your top class finds!

  2. thats really cool! However im glad i dont own a tv right now!

  3. I like the idea. I will put a painting over my plasma also.

    Daniel is smart :)

  4. That is a fantstic space and design! Love it. Though you need the right conditions for such bold work – you wouldn’t be able to do it in my old house.