Björk’s 3D Wanderlust Video


Björk’s Wanderlust video is now viewable in 3D through Wired. Here is the direct link to 3D movie file.

(via bauldoff)

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  1. this is something amazing!

  2. pretty good :D

  3. So glad I kept my 3d glasses, this was really nice!

  4. i think this picture is amazing the way it just moves and the people stay still. whenever i look at 3D stuff it makes me just want to reach out! eseccially this cuz it is really realistic!

  5. i just looks creepy its not even 3d

  6. gli occhiali masterimage fanno schifo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. some body tell me how to download 3D movie?
    my id: [email protected]
    i will worship you if you contact me and tell me LOL

  8. The 3d movie was cool. But the song itself sucks ass!

  9. amazing visual thing.
    does anybody know, how 3D is made?
    i´m trying hard, but the effects are not as awesome like on this video.
    is there special software needed?
    thanx for help. :-)