Fold US Candidate


Fold US Candidate* let’s you download paper-finger-puppets of the US presidential candidates: Obama, Hillary and McCain. The process is simple: Select your candidate, download. Cut and fold. Glue and stick on your finger! Hold your own presidential debates with family & friends – in the kitchen, the bathroom, the classroom! Email Adi, the creator, your photos and videos of your debates, she’ll post them on her site. Brilliant!

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  1. Wow.

    This is so cool. And people said that Hillary can’t dance.

  2. Hehe nice one. Told it to a few colleagues who love to do this :-)

  3. Great idea. I’ll use it for my kids political education.

  4. This site is amazing! I just made my very own Obama puppet in minutes. Thanks Adi, what a great concept.