Google Offices Zurich


Ilan sent me this amazing PDF of Google’s Office Space in Zurich. (drool!) Gotta love the swiss cable car conference rooms.

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  1. !!! wow. so much better than the predictable primary color scheme of the NYC offices. reminds me of the “non-cubicles” at pixar (

  2. thats just plain ridiculous

  3. hey I dugg you.
    how can you be so fantastic in your finds?
    You make me think!
    have a nice day

  4. No way!! This is great I can’t believe it truly exists. Thanks. You always brighten up my day.

  5. Your post says this is the Google Office in Zurich. I don’t see a whole lot of work going on! It looks like a children’s museum in there. I absolutely LOVE the cable cars too!

  6. There’s a video tour of the office on the BBC website. Pretty cool workplace, indeed. The gondolas all have phones in them; brilliant phonebooths.

  7. Very nice, so original, but it looks everything but ergonomic!

  8. Did anyone notice that the employees playing Guitar Hero were actally rocking out to the Xbox 360 Dashboard screen?

    Great offices still. I love that fish tank relaxation room.

  9. Very Nice Office Atmosphere…

  10. Yeh, it’s pretty neat, i have a few more pics here.

  11. Wow, unbelievable! Such a cool place. Nice office…