Public service ad put out by Transport for London.

(via MSLK reactions)

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  1. I’d seen this on a few blogs but never watched it.

    Very clever, and proof I suppose that wearing a hi-viz jacket on the bike is better than a bear costume.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. there’s been a lot of controversy over this ad.
    it was ripped off a group of university students who uploaded their film on youtube.
    advertising falls victim of not hiding its sources well enough. again.

  3. This is actually ripped off from a psychology paper that was published in 1999 by a Dan Simons ( using a man in a gorilla suit. Its been on TV many times since then and I think that Dan copyrighted this idea so the advertisers could end up in a spot of bother here… I have heard that the BBC have been sued by him at least twice for ripping off this idea without permission in documentaries. Its a great piece of work by the way!

    To be a bit of an anorak about this, the original idea was not Dan’s but was an experiment run in the 1960s using a woman with an umbrella rather than a gorilla…