Denis Darzacq | Photography


I’ve featured Denis Darzacq’s La Chute series over a year ago. Now he’s back with a series called “Hyper“.

(via fab it’s nice that)

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  1. That is the most incredible picture…all of them are amazing actually.

  2. very nicely done. I have a friend who has done similar work by combining two photographs together in photoshop. The results are impressive

  3. he doesn’t manipulate the photos at all! He uses dancers to capture these shots its amazing! xx

  4. You can see an amazing 7 minute video of how Darzacq makes these photos all in one exposure using his film camera, without photoshop or digital manipulation:

  5. thank you for the link! i like his photography. really impressing work.

  6. These is really cool. Thanks for sharing the link for the video as well, really amazing!

  7. Great picture, I still need to start using photoshop better and being a bit more creative myself.

  8. I love this, looks really awesome.

  9. Marvelous work indeed!!

  10. Great post, loved to read it.