Dress For Dinner Napkins


Even if the guy’s dressed in his favorite old white tee shirt, with this napkin at his neck he’ll actually look like he made the effort to get “dressed for dinner”. A great conversation piece at any party. 20 paper napkins to a package; five of each design.

(via minordetails)

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  1. hehe, that’s pretty sweet.

  2. too funny. feeling like i need a set of these for myself.

  3. That is just great.

  4. I need a dress for dinner full body suit.

  5. I need to get one of those!!! Great!

  6. Sensational!
    I am already in negotiations with our canteen’s management.

  7. are these produced already?

  8. thanks to all for the comments, glad you like them. We have designed them for worldwide http://www.npw.co.uk/onlinesales/product.php?product_id=1485

  9. haha … brilliant and funny idea. whether it was sold to the public.

  10. This is really cute! I’d love to give these as wedding favors. I’ve seen some similar things on http://www.gatheringguide.com/ but this is the first for guys.