fifty designers current favourite typefaces


Create/Reject asked 50 leading designers about their current favorite typefaces. What a lovely book idea. Too bad it’s sold out! Would have loved to get my hands on one of these! Lovely to know that the coverprice all went to UNICEF!

What typeface would you have picked?

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  1. Currently loving Eurostile. Clean, modern, lovely.

  2. I’m into Coolvetica at the moment.

  3. Can’t get enough of Clarendon at the moment!

  4. I’m so fickle….bold all caps one minute and the next is lower case scripts.

  5. Univers
    Thesis (serif and sans)
    Trade Gothic
    Helvetica (the whole family)
    Lubalin Graph (or some such slab serif)
    Bookman Complete (love the swash, seldom use it)

  6. I actually ordered this!

    Font of the moment: Perpetua
    Font of my life: Adobe Caslon Pro
    Foundry I can’t live without: Emigre

  7. Really into Klavika right now, and been itching to use Archer since it was released.

  8. Avenir
    Boris Black Bloxx
    CG Gothic #3

  9. I use ITC Bradley Hand a lot; designed by Richard Bradley.

  10. Using a lot of Avenir, Gotham, Scala Sans, and Kievit at the moment. Looking forward to having an excuse to use Variable soon.

  11. House Industries — Luxury
    Hoefler Frere Jones — Archer
    Hoefler Frere Jones — Gotham
    Hoefler Frere Jones — Mercury
    Dalton Maag — Foco

    Really looking forward to Bolda Display release! How are you enjoying Switzerland? We just moved from Schaffhausen back to the U.S. and we miss it!

  12. i had to go do a font search for some of these but my favorite is the old school look of courier – visualizing someone pecking away on the keys of an old typewriter. also the really distressed courier is cool

  13. Trade Gothic and Franklin Gothic. Always and forever . . . . the ‘g’s and the ‘a’s are the best.

    And also Sabon for body text.

    And sometimes Helvetica Ultra Light when I’m feeling classy.

  14. New font: FF Tisa. A simple, clean little serif. Unassuming, but bold.

    Classic font: Can’t go wrong with Futura.

    Stand-by font: Always had a little something for Mrs. Eaves.

  15. Bryant from Process is still rockin’ my world after Clarendon went frigid on me, revealing me for the two.point.ho that I am.