font conference

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This has made my day. Thank you Carl!

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  1. I personally would never make Comic Sans my hero!

    I would choose a darker hero…perhaps someone from Gotham?

  2. Mailbox. Open mailbox!

  3. This conference takes place on the fonts folder of a windows default installation… not a good place to be…

  4. Very interesting video.

    Congratulations :-D

  5. made your day eh? hmm….suppose so…..pretty bad though

    Come on TR — you weren’t hoping/EXPECTING Helvetica to waltz in and either:
    1. save the day
    2. take the Swiss ‘neutral’ route?

    I was really hoping for a Helvetica appearance.

  6. you’re supposed to warn a girl! i’m crying laughing at work… thanks for sharing, although i would NEVER make comic sans a hero, either.

  7. Okay, wingdings was awesome, I will give you that.