Alphabet Truck


Kids and parents often resort to playing the Alphabet Game to avoid complete boredom during long automobile trips. Photographer Eric Tabuchi has taken the idea a couple steps further in his cool, limited edition artist’s book, Alphabet Truck.

(thank you Hilary, thank you Jim)

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  1. Wow, that guy must have logged a lot of car time.

  2. Great. That made me smile :)

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  4. That´s just GREAT! The most innovative alphabet so far. And all the time for the work… phu.

  5. we play the alphabet game. I WILL TRY THIS!

  6. wow, the publisher’s description says it took him four years.

  7. haha, this is pure genial!

    love it…

  8. haha, this is pure genial!

    love it…

  9. haha, this is pure genial!

    love it…

  10. Wow! I really love this!