Keith Jarrett – I Loves You Porgy


I’ve been listening to Keith Jarrett all morning and thought I’d share the love for his musical talent. I was lucky enough to see Keith do his magic in Geneva a good 10 years ago. The The Köln Concert is my favorite. Listen to it here.

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  1. Jarrett is one of my all-time faves. His Improvisations were SO incredible to hear, Live.

  2. Oh, yes Mister Jarrett! He’s awesome indeed. Be sure to check out the La Scala concert. It is slightly more complex than Köln but oh so beautiful! (and the first song is 45min!)

  3. I love Keith and agree about the Koln concert.
    I loves you Porgy is one of those melodies that instantly takes me to my happy place. The Bill Evans Trio version is also great.
    There’s something about lots of ambient noise (bar glasses clinking, people chatting) that makes it seem like everyone is ignoring the musician except for a lone, appreciative fan.

  4. It is so funny that I find this on one of my fav blogs. I just saw Mr. Jarrett play is this last Friday for a 25th anniversary concert with the Keith Jerrett Trio at symphony hall in Chicago. Needless to say it was amazing: 4
    Encores! Their “You Belong To Me” was transportive.

  5. Saw the trio tonight in Los Angeles. It was unreal. Just sensational… I agree their “you belong to me” was “transportive” for sure.