SOLo Lounge Table


The SOLo Lounge Table by iF collects solar energy to power personal digital devices. During the evening, internal LED lights provide an intimate glow. It can harness approximately 73 kilowatt hours of solar energy every year in a typical outdoor setting (using southern California as an example). This amount of power provides the equivalent of over 100 mobile phone or iPod charges per day, 40 iPhone charges per day, or 3 laptop computer charges per day (or 12 hours of laptop operating power per day based on a 4-hour average battery life) – all without draining traditional, overextended sources of energy.

(thank you peter)

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  1. “In light of the uncertain residential housing market and slowing commercial construction and design projects, redesign and rehabilitation rather than new construction in both the commercial and residential sectors is likely to receive renewed focus. In blending economy with performance, interior designers will need to focus on creative solutions and cost-effective ways to meet clients’ goals in these challenging economic times,” said ASID Executive Director Michael Alin.

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  2. And it looks like a giant iPhone, too!

  3. Really interesting piece of furniture. That would be amazing as a counter top. Lets see it!

  4. really, really cool. not $14k cool, but really cool. :^!