I met Andrew Zuckerman. Thank you internet!


I had one of these ‘thank you internet moments’ last night when I had the opportunity to finally meet much admired photographer, Andrew Zuckerman. The occasion? The launch of his a-m-a-z-i-n-g Wisdom Book book and film. This gem of a book will be under many of my friend’s and family member’s christmas trees this year!

Andrew, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife!

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  1. Got it last week, after you previously mentioned it-thank you, it IS amazing.

  2. I was there as well but did not have the pleasure of meeting you. So bummed.
    So much for “fashionably late.”

  3. Tina, it was a pleasure to finally meet you and your husband, as well! Thanks so much for coming and for all your kind words!
    Niki (Andrew’s wife)

  4. I must thank the internet as well because I got to meet you last night. Your blog has taught me so much. Thank you for coming out last night and for bringing your husband- I wish we got to meet Ella as well.

  5. Got the book and will be giving it to my boyfriend at the end of the month. Thank you again, I’m sure he’ll love it!