get crafty, people! swissmiss alpenglow project


I am happy to introduce the swissmiss alpenglow project. Here’s what you do:

1. download and print swissmiss_alpenglow.pdf
2. download swiss yodel mp3 at for alp pasture ambiance.
3. grab exactor knife, ruler & cutting mat.
4. proceed to cut out elements on page two with patience and love for detail.
5. assemble as indicated. put tealight behind alps. sit back and enjoy your swiss alpenglow*!

*alpenglow: a reddish glow seen near sunset or sunrise on the summits of mountains

UDPATES: See the first photo submission by Tanya Romstad from Sweden. And the growing photo collection of the crafty submissions here.

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  1. That turned out fantastic. :)

  2. beautiful.

  3. Me encanta!!! Sois los mejores.

    I love it!!! You’re the best!

  4. Fantastic! What a great idea, perfect Swiss ambiance ;-) My nieces will love it, thank you.

  5. Tina you made me so happy with this. Even happier if the skyline was Bern, but hey…
    bluetbadbullschittläärloufmagerquark happens!

  6. This is so amazing! I love it – thank you.

  7. Pretty! I downloaded the .pdf, and it looks like I have two pages of pg 1 and 2 superimposed over each other. Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me??

  8. Oh my, I do love a paper project!

    Although I’m having the same issue as Megan, when I download the pdf I get two pages, both displaying the shapes to cut out sitting on top of the instructions.

  9. I LOVE this! And I love this blog.

  10. I am sorry some of you had issues with superimposed images. It should be fixed now.

  11. Thankyou! Works perfectly :)

  12. What a brilliant project! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you!!! That is so beautiful :D

  14. phenomenal! winter greetings from Switzerland.

  15. How wonderful! I found that the grey outline of the template was too faint and didn’t show up properly on either of my printers but as the PDF doesn’t have any security settings I was able to boost the contrast by exporting the file out in Acrobat Prof 8. Going to give it a go later. Thank you!

  16. Alice, I am sorry you had a problem printing the skyline. I made the second page outlines darker. Should be fine now.

  17. From one Swiss Miss to another, thank you very much for the lovely idea and pdf file.


  18. That is really really cool. Not something I would ever actually do, but nonetheless really really cool.

    – T

  19. WOW, this is stunning! I love it! I’ll be linking.

  20. Oww, my eyes – I should have waited for the darker-outline version! But it looks fantastic, thank you.

  21. This is brilliant. I can’t wait to make one!

  22. I love ideas such as this one! Thanks for making the template available for download, as well as the ambiance soundtrack – will have to wait for a quiet moment to attempt this project!

  23. This is hilarious Tina!! I was thinking to do the clementine candle holder, remember that one in Switzerland?!

  24. LOVE IT.
    Now where is my Exacto? Oh, Tanner has it!

  25. This was such a fun, pretty project! I love silhouettes and candlelight, and I got some much needed exacto cutting practice. I ruined the peaceful ambience by adding a black construction paper monster looming over the mountains…but my son really enjoys it! I put the result up on my flickr – quimbymouse12.

  26. That is so so cool! And thanks for sharing how to make it. My sister lived in Switzerland for a little while. Not that you should be interested – I just wanted to share! :o)

  27. How very fun! Thanks for sharing a great project! Here is mine to add to your collection:

  28. Oh this is gorgeous. Thanks!

  29. i tried, and it’s great! thank you!!!!

  30. I just uploaded the photos from my attempt:

    I got a bit impatient with cutting out the pieces, so a few bits ‘n bobs are missing. Plus, I folded the tabs back the wrong way so everything is backwards. I still think it turned out pretty cool!

  31. What type of paper should I use for best results? I don’t see that in the instructions. I’m assuming copier paper would be too flimsy?

  32. good stuff…love the tea light action

  33. Wonderful

  34. Awesome! Thank you! It looks great on my desk. But I think I used the wrong paper. The candle can’t shine through. What paper did you use?