New Media Douchebags Explained

(via madewithcomputers)

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  1. I (apparently) read New Media @ degree level.
    This has just made me smile ear to ear.

  2. Spot on hilarious. Read my mind — how’d you do that? I sure feel a lot better knowing that I wasn’t imagining it.

  3. I fully embrace my New Media Douchebaggery!

    Now excuse me while I put this video on my Twitter account.

  4. Goddammit, where’s the button to post this to my Facebook profile?!

  5. lovely, I just hope people get the point and please, don’t embrace it!

  6. I can think of one New Media Douchebag/ Entrepreneur: Josh Spear

  7. Funny. At the same time: isn’t this video just another screed about hating something and posting it online? How “meta”!

  8. Digg it. Oh wait I can’t ’cause you’re missing the point.