Toothpaste Type: Heldentica.ttf


Handmade Toothpaste Type (Heldentica) fighting Gravity. Scroll down and see the animations. Made me smile. (Download Heldentica.ttf)

UPDATE: Make sure to read Joe Bauldoff’s comment below. Hilarious!
(thank you anke)

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  1. It’s Helvetica, it’s minty… what’s not to like?

    Although that ‘R’ has me suspicious… Are we sure it’s not Aridental?

  2. And there are also the fonts “Tomatica” (Ketchup) and “Gelvetica”
    Love it!

  3. We experimented years ago with 18 point Mustard Bold

  4. Awesome! Made me smile

  5. Yeah ok the comment is amusing, but do you really need to thank a third party (presumably for telling you to read it)? How silly.

  6. I completely agree with “huh?”. Funny, but not hilarious!

  7. this is where my world meets my husbands.
    He works in dental, I work in design.
    I’m afraid the world might collapse in on itself now.

  8. That link is great! Thx.