Creatively using Dumpsters


I would love to know more about how this idea of Using Dumpsters Creatively came about. Anyone have more details? This seems to be the original source, don’t understand a word though, seems to be russian?

(via ignant)

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  1. Haha! I hope that they cleaned it our really well!

  2. In England they are called a Skip. These are designed by Oliver Bishop Young

  3. this picture and other dumpster usage is inside “Tangible High Touch Visuals Book”.

  4. yeah the skip was the final piece of Oliver Bishop Young (as mentioned before) from my university.
    More nice things here:

  5. English chimneys and English windows lead me to Oliver Bishop Young – but the others above were quicker ;-)

    Anyway, great idea and I’m happy to have found it via your blog. Thanks for posting.

  6. I used to see it in Berlin.

  7. That’s the beauty of being that age (college-ish). You look at a dumpster and see a swimming pool. I’d see the swimming pool and think menengitis – nuh uh. But in college, I’d have been ALL OVER it. :)

  8. Oh MAN, look how shallow that water is – PLEASE tell me that guy unfolds his legs before he hits the water.

  9. yeah, the “original source” is a Russian web page (i’m a native speaker), but the designer (as mentioned above) is from UK: Oliver Bishop Young

  10. I’m a native speaker too. I wonder what that Russian site is. It seems to be trashy, but that post is pretty awesome.
    I love your blog, Tina! I check it almost every day!