Pop-Up Business Cards


Clifton sent me pictures of his design studio’s business cards. There are two people in his studio. Clifton has 5 different cards and his designer has 3. The base of the card with the pop-up self portrait is consistent on all the cards, but the colors and sayings in the bubbles change from card to card. Here are a few of the sayings in the bubbles: “If you see anybody that knows me, tell them I said hi”, “Full of antioxidants”, “Tentacles of awesomeness”. Made me smile!

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  1. Thanks Tina for posting our cards!

  2. These business cards made me smile even more!

  3. I love this one for a lock picker:

    And MK12’s just because its so hot. A friend of mine got one of their cards and it comes flat, with perforations to bend it later. Its also made of pretty sharp metal. I guess that’s what you get when you laser cut stainless steel. But a must have for any designer’s reference folder.

  4. Like it. Long life bcs.

  5. those are nifty.

  6. Well, if you’re going to be self-indulgent, you might as well put your money where your mou—er, picture, is:

  7. LOoking to do some opp up business cards and wondering if you do post cards as well. Thanks Chris

  8. love the Clifton business card. awesome idea! i always thought business card reflect your personality.


  9. This is a really good design. Props to the designer!

  10. These are amazing! I bet they’re expensive though. I just go to these graphic design templates for a brochure, CD, and business card at Sessions College. They are pretty good:

  11. Where did you get those printed? Brilliant!