Jason Lazarus


Jason Lazarus, To Abdul Abdi (who everyday in Mogadishu, Somalia makes signs that read ‘Beautiful Mogadishu’ to remind citizens what has been lost), 2007, 2007, 30 x 34 inches. I would *love* a print of this to hang in casa swissmiss.

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  1. tina, i’m delurking to thank you. i was friends with jason lazarus in high school and haven’t seen him since the late 90s. thank you so much for posting about his work today. i knew he was an artist, but had no idea what he was up to, nor did i know he was this good.

    thank you for making my day! :)

  2. stunning. thank you.

  3. Jason is an amazing photographer based in Chicago, IL. He’s represented by http://www.andrewrafacz.com/. He just showed with them at Volta in NY.