Water Footprint


As we become more and more aware that we may be using water at an unsustainable pace, the idea of water footprints—the amount of water an individual uses—is becoming more common. Water footprints can be hard to calculate, depending on how far up the chain of production you go, since everything you eat and buy used some water to produce (to feed cows for beef, for example, or to use in the factory that made your cell phone). With GOOD Magazine’s latest Transparency, they give you some examples of how much water is used in some of your daily activities, so that you can begin calculate your footprint and try to reduce your gallons. See the graphic in big.

Read the full article: Transparency: How Much Water Do You Use?

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  1. thank you for this post. this is fascinating!

  2. this is brilliant, although i’m a little sceptical of the figure that washing dished by hand requires 20 gallons of water. this would be far more economical than ever using a dishwasher… fact!