Amazing: the Swiss even clean their mountains

The swiss do everything to make their guests’ stay in Switzerland absolutely perfect. Lately, they do even more than you would expect: Their Mountain Cleaners make sure you can always enjoy the view of clean mountains. The swiss are so thorough, I love it.

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  1. Heehee – sophisticated communication system! :) I love the flossing of the rocks.

  2. Love Switzerland :D

  3. april fools? :D

  4. The swiss do everything to make their guests’ stay in Switzerland absolutely perfect?
    I think ”everyone” would do their possible perfect to make their guests to be pleased during their stays -very very like us:)
    Good journal, brava!

  5. Makes me proud of my country. I have sent my application as water holder for the Kleine Scheidegg

  6. HAHAHAHAH!!!! Oh, that is SO excellent!! Thank you for sharing this, it really validates all of my crazy cleaning habits!! :)

  7. april april ;)

  8. Ja, wuerd au sage dass en April Scherzli isch … Sunst frogi mi wuerkli ob unseres Land nid oeppis anders z tue het … nid dassi daenk dass es e schlaechti Idee isch, aber also … wenn’s numme um Vogel-Draeck goht wuerdi sage dass es bald chunnt go raegne und denne isch wieder alles ewaeg! :o)

  9. I think they’re using a ShamWow at the end, to polish the mountains. :D

  10. The video is really great, but it’s not really that exaggerated. The last time I was there I saw people sweeping a hiking trail with brooms.

  11. Sure. And I’m sure they use this phone:

  12. Awww! Coming from a land of greenery and mountains myself (Vancouver, Canada), this totally made me smirk.

  13. LOL
    Do you know what make us laugh ? Visit (in German)

  14. perfect – Switzerland is more then just UBS and cheese….

  15. I would be sad if this was just an April Fools’ Day thing. It is too clever of a tourism ad for just one day. But it will get it more views at least!

  16. The swiss rock. Brilliant country branding.Thanks

  17. saggschtargg !

  18. Does anybody knows how can Ie get there as a volonteer?

  19. Cleaning the mountains is such a terrific idea! CrossRoads is absolutely right – everyone should do that.