The Internet Version of A Standing Ovation

What is the mark of Web success in 2009? A million page views in a week? A spike in Twitter mentions? Both are meaningful indices, but not quite as satisfying as traffic crashing your whole site. It’s the Internet version of a standing ovation.” — Sasha Frere-Jones

(via glass)

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  1. That’s a good, smart, measurable and realistic indicators. Best of luck! (Or probably I need the luck myself)

  2. I had my site crashed once by a major influx of traffic. I’ve had even more traffic on other sites since, but I’m more careful about how I share my content so I don’t think I’ll be crashing again soon.

  3. Interesting statement. While I understand the analogy, I don’t agree since an ovation seems to be more an “intentional” action by a group expressing praise toward the messenger.
    Heavy traffic causing a site to crash neither seems to be an intentional action nor an expression of praise as much as an expression of curiosity?

  4. I just love the line…
    .. internet version of a standing ovation… priceless!

  5. its true… but also horrifying. a great event marked by lost opportunity.

  6. in short: lousy server, lousy connection, bad code, some visitors and down because the lot can’t handle it equals a standing ovation? Ai caramba! I’d rather go for anonymous stats that tell me my stuff is doing just fine and getting more visitors every day… long term satisfaction over 10 seconds of ‘whatever’ fame…