Relief Prints


Impressive Relief Prints by Bryan Nash Gill. I would *love* one of these decorating a wall in casa swissmiss. Stunning.

(thank you jon / via lost)

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  1. Yikes! Incredibly cool, but quite a pretty penny to order just a lithograph of it. I’ll just make my own… =)

  2. If you tilt your head just right, it looks like a water-filled tunnel. Or you could be normal and see tree rings like everyone else. Beautiful work either way :3.

  3. oh wow. I totally see the tunnel….or maybe I’m lost in a sewer pipe?…

  4. I’ve got a tree stump in my front garden – but would the neighbours think I was mad if they saw me doing this?

  5. Emma, stop caring for what your neighbours think ; )

  6. amazing, but 4k for it, no thanks.

    I understand the cost of concept in art etc, and being an artist myself i see that. But you gotta be crazy to charge $4000 for that.

  7. Being a printmaker myself, I can understand why it’s expensive. It’s basically a woodcut relief print, hand-inked and hand-printed. Like any woodcut (and most non-commercial printmaking) each print is slightly different and therefore unique. It’s a very time-consuming method of printing. Also, from reading a bit of the comments on the linked site, the size of the edition is pretty small. 12 were printed. This means that no other prints can be pulled from that particular stump. They either destroyed the stump or would have to alter it. If they do pull another edition from that same stump, they would have to name the edition differently so that people would know that it’s not the same as the first one.

  8. i love it. that’s incredibly gorgeous.

  9. i luv the idea for this. it makes me want to pick up some printmakers ink and do something similar the next time i visit canada

  10. That is cool. I’d like one hanging on my wall too.

  11. apparently they did this using washi paper and japanese sumi ink

  12. yes. me too. I’d love one of these.

  13. I’d like to try this on a few small stumps I have in my yard. Could anyone give me a few tips on how to pull it off(I don’t know a lot about printmaking). There are photos online of Mr. Gill using some sort of power tool on the stump. Any idea what exactly he’s doing? Any replys would be apprecaited. Thanks.

  14. What a wonderful thing…

  15. precious! i want to marry it. actually, it would look good with a ring on its tree stump finger! xx

  16. so our wedding was great, thanks for asking!!!! we had honeymoon-tree-babies ;)

  17. so me and this tree printing are still together. going strong. eternally faithful. my babes.