Rain Collector

Hero Rain Collector

HERO is a Toronto based company that creates extraordinary products, one in particular is the RC-1 Rain Collector. It holds 45 gallons of water; so you can tend to your garden or wash the dog without tapping into the city’s water supply. What a beauty!

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  1. They were at ICFF – did you see them? SO nice in person – and the HERO people were super nice too…!

  2. Be careful though.

    A car dealership in my area tried to collect rain water for washing their cars. Apparently it is illegal here…


  3. This is another eco-friendly option for collecting rain from some architects in Toronto. A beautiful aesthetic for your home.


  4. Ouch, $525 USD, roughly $600 CAD

  5. umm..isn’t this just a bucket with a spout?

  6. @fonomono – – NO – it’s a pretty bucket with a spout. And it flat-packs, for those of you who move too frequently.

  7. hahaha okay :]

  8. @fonomono – – Yeah, have fun getting west nile or malaria form your super attractive bucket, doochebag.

  9. how would a rain collector prevent those diseases and better?

  10. I designed my own rain bucket out of a $10.00 Trashcan. So far so good.
    I have step by step pictures if interested.

    Not as fancy, but it does the trick. I have the lid on and caulked the entry and exit points for mosquito prevention


  11. Well it is kind of pricey, but you normally get what you pay for in one way or another! Normal rain collectors look pretty industrial, so if you have a small outdoor space where you can’t hide them away, it’s gonna be a bit of an eye sore!

    These represent a piece of functional garden furniture which will be great on display in the contemporary garden. The drying rack on the left is a similar idea in that it changes what’s normally a pretty ugly and space consuming item into something you’d want to have in your garden…