What are you optimistic about?

The Optimist Conspectus

The Optimist Conspectus is simply a survey of optimism; a series of answers to a deceptively-simple question: What are you optimistic about?

It bears no commercial viability. It has no lofty world-changing goal. Rather, it is a series of snapshots that aim to paint a larger picture. How that picture looks will depend both literally and figuratively on your own perspective – and whether you choose to provide one.

So, tell me, What are you optimistic about?

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  1. I’m optimistic about my family, that my kids will grow up to be good loving people and that my business will continue to grow and I can retire a rich happy man.

  2. I am optimistic that industries will be reinvigorated and yet minimized with solution inspired designs. In these times, creativity is indubitably a requirement and out-of-the-box is standard thinking. I think some excellent ideas, great minds and surprising break-throughs will emerge as a result. Anticipating how people will reconsider showing up in this world and thus manage to realign their contribution is an enlivening thought! We, collectively, shall see…!

  3. Many thanks, Tina, for posting this. Your own optimism is laudable.

    Ian Fitzpatrick

  4. I am optimistic about the power of positive!