Art Basel

Indiana Robert ,”Hope”, painted aluminium 2009

I am off to Art Basel. Hopefully I’ll come back with a suitecase filled with bloggity art and design goodness from the swiss alps.

Are you going to Art Basel? Do you know anyone that is exhibiting that I should go see?

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  1. Have fun! I went to Art Basel Miami Beach a few months back. Really good turn out.


  2. Ohhh, I am sooooo jealous, take me with you! Please! :o(

  3. I am going, but so far I have no clue as to what to see. See you there!

  4. good 4 u… btw i liked big big “HOPE”

  5. So much fun in Basel,

    You must go to Scope, and have a look at the Gagliardi Gallery C118, so cool! dont miss also at the Art Basel Unlimited Antony McCall. Super!

  6. welcome to basel. don’t miss the liste fair in the sudhaus warteck. it’s always worth a visit and it seems to be especially good this year.

  7. Nice to see art with an explicit positive message!

  8. Love this. Had to repost this.

  9. Particularly relevant for the US right now, with the elections right around the corner.