LX Forty (Marc Forster) – Swiss promo.

Promotional video from Swiss International Air Lines directed by Marc Forster. (June 2009)

(thank you sis)

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  1. This is an airline commercial? I need to move to Switzerland.

  2. He is Marc Forster.

  3. i think this piece totally sucks. too sad, i am a big fan of marc foster, usually…
    it’s so outdated, kitschy and badly written. i wonder how much swiss paid for this… i’d want my money back.

  4. What he sais is not very special. But how the clip is made. That’s very cool.

  5. Love how it looks, but isn’t it a bit contradictory that flying in a spacious airplane is equated with making your world better one bit at a time? Pack that airplane to the gills and save some jet fuel! Stack those people high!