Never Sleep Book

Never Sleep BookNever Sleep Book

Here’s a book that made me look: Never Sleep: Graduating to Graphic Design:

There is a major disconnect between the life of a design student and the transition to being a design professional. To demystify the transition, we share the failures, successes, and surprises during our years in college and progression into the field: the creative process, monetary problems, internships, interviews, mistakes, and personal relationships. We include the work from our first design class to our most current client work, along with side stories and interviews from our mentors, teachers, and peers. This book will serve as the ultimate companion for design students, educators, and anyone breaking into a creative field.

At the combined age of forty-six, Andre Andreev and Dan Covert have been recognized by I.D., BDA, Communication Arts, PRINT, Graphis, Metropolis, the Type Directors Club, The Art Directors Club, CMYK, HOW, Adobe, STEP Field Guide to Emerging Design Talent, and Young Guns. They met while studying graphic design at California College of the Arts and currently work for MTV’s on-air design department in New York, while operating their firm dress code at night. They also co-teach typography and design courses at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Andre eats no meat, Dan dislikes puppies.

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  1. hah, perfect title :P

  2. How can they carry around those huge drawing cases?

  3. I can’t wait to get this book. I think it will be especially pertinent for me since I just graduated.

  4. What a great site! Shame the book is not available in Britain :(

  5. Is that Arial Bold? :(

  6. I recently purchased this from Amazon. I’m halfway through it and it’s very good.

    Not a bad price either.

  7. Good to see designers remembering what it’s like to be a student. Easy to forget your past.

  8. @ Thomas – the British version of this book was released a while back :) (same basic premise)