broadcasting from switzerland

This little family is vacationing in the swiss alps. We had three fantastic warm days in Zurich and are now in the rainy Appenzell region. We realize how spoiled we are with rainy weather in NYC. When it rains it’s still warm, not here, it’s freezing. We are crossing our fingers for pool weather. Below are a few impressions of our trip so far. More to Come!

Right off the plane we went to FREITAG to check out their factory where the upcoming CreativeMorning will take place on July 17th. Sascha gave us a full blown tour of their production hall. Truly fascinating what the FREITAG brothers have created. Hat tip!
ella at freitag

G and I are enjoying our daily Rivella. Rivella is a healthy and natural soft drink from Switzerland. What’s unique about Rivella is the wholesome lactoserum it contains (called milk serum in Switzerland). Sounds crazy, right?

These signs in the Zurich Tram had G and me laugh out loud. The swiss do have a sense of humor, after all. We especially love the guy with the saw, trying to cut apart one of the seats. No, you really shouldn’t do that.
tram signs
tram signs

Now if this isn’t ueber-swiss I don’t know what is: Typical condiments arrangement you see at restaurants.

A slice of my childhood: Sausages (wienerli), two slices of bread (Ruchbrot) and Moustard (Thomy Senf). This makes me happy.

I have introduced our little three year old Ella to the 40 year old Rakete Icecream and she fully approves.

Today’s an exciting day: I am being interviewed and photographed for a story that will be in next thursday’s Tagesanzeiger, one of Switzerland’s biggest newspapers. Yay!

photoshoot for tagesanzeiger

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  1. seems as if you are having a great time! esst schön viel guten käse ;)

  2. La rivella é pessima, quella gialla poi é oscena!
    Il rakete invece non morirà mai
    Saluti dal Ticino

  3. I remember purchasing rivela on a trainride in switzerland once – very good! I also got a chuckle with the warning signs on the train in zurich as well. Looks like you are having a great time! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. You may think the Swiss has got sign humor, but check out how the Swedes make train warning signs:

  5. thanks for pointing out to us Swiss people things that might seem common and that we tend to forget to look at!

  6. Hope the interview goes well, Tina. Great to get a little insight into what you’re up to on vacation.

  7. I would love to know what the condiments are?

  8. I want that popsicle. And… I want to be in Switzerland.


  9. I want to go to Switzerland with you! I miss eating grilled knackwurst and the Ovaltine chocolate bars.

  10. Wow – gaze on that gorgeous background landscape!
    Is that a tiny biker on the path? Looks like they could ride right onto the handrail you’re leaning on – but I digress. Truly beautiful.

  11. It’s nearly my lunchtime and the Wienerli and Ruchbrot just made my stomach rumble.

    On a cold day, Bratwurst with fries and onion sauce, and on a hot day, a Wurstsalat with nice bread to mop up the juices.

    Rivella is a childhood favourite too. They actually started selling it in the UK about a decade ago, but it obviously failed to get a market share, despite me buying up all the stock in my local supermarket.

  12. I hope the weather improves and that you and your family can make the best of your holiday!

  13. some great photos! so simple so swiss

  14. Oh, I feel like home. Hello from Valais!

  15. Vive la saucisse de veau et le cenovis!!!!!

  16. sorry to say that but rivella isn`t more healthy than a coke.

  17. have a wonderful holiday! congrats on the interview!

  18. Oh I am trying so hard to appreciate these delightful images without thinking over and over “Roger Federer is from Switzerland. I wonder if he eats this popsicle and table condiments.” Isn’t it funny when being a fan of somebody can color your view of an entire country? I will have to visit in person one day to really find my own discoveries. In any case, the pictures are delightful. I always feel glad to have stopped by this blog.

  19. I haven’t seen wienerli, bread and sausage looking so gorgeous.

  20. Liebe Swiss-Miss

    Der Tagi hat mich auf Ihre Site gelotst – und nun komme ich kaum mehr los davon! Spannend, als Schweizer einen anderen Blick auf die Schweiz zu werfen. Wahrscheinlich werde ich bald “ueber-swiss” (diesen Ausdruck merk’ ich mir – Copyright geht an Sie).

    Herzliche Grüsse aus der Berner Agglo

  21. Hello Swiss-Miss!

    Looks like you are having a great trip.

    A friend pointed me to your blog post because of the safety graphics. I would love to use them on my blog:

    Would you let me?

    Looking forward to hearing from you and have a great time!

    Stay safe,

  22. I just got back from Zurich with a suitcase full of spaetzle, rosti, and pastetenfulling from Migros. The foil packs are, I’m sure, not the best quality of all of the above, but they keep forever and provide a lovely, comforting dinner on chilly evenings or after a long day at the desk.

    Re: your interview, we’re thinking about moving back…but that slowness you mention is at the top of the “against” list. Hmmm. Will mull the question some more over Schweizer carbs…

  23. oh nice pics! going home soon as well… and xguesi I liked your Wienerli Pic so much I had to post it on my boyfriend’s wall… hope you don’t mind!! Merci viu mau! Just to let him know what he’ll get on his plate when we’re in Switzerland.. jupiiii
    Gruesslis and I like SwissMiss!