industrial changing table

changing table

What a cool changing table, no? It’s been created using an inexpensive car-tools cart by Sunex Tools. In addition to looking great, it’s on wheels which means they can tuck the changer into corners and move it wherever it is needed.

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  1. I was about to say, it looks like a toolbox! This is cool because when the kid outgrows it, you can repurpose it as a TV stand or some kind of workbench. Nice.

  2. I have this cart in red!

    It holds veggies from the farmers market, a potted plant (basil), and about 200 records on the bottom shelf…

  3. Or a bar cart! Sometimes you just need a good drink after all that diaper changing, right?

  4. Looks neat – but what about when the baby moves around while changing diapers and bangs his/her head on the thin metal edge…?

  5. this would be great for a mini kitchen island! You could put a slab cutting board in place of the mattress. Lock the wheels down and you have a nice prep station

  6. Clemens – I thought the same thing, although it is very neat looking!