wells&more book flips two ways

Joy of dn&co. just pointed me to their latest book which utilises the mechanic of cutting every other page by 5mm so that when flipped in different directions the pages viewed are either graphic content or photography. The photography is by Satoshi Minakawa.

(thank you joy)

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  1. nice trick. Irma Boom did a similar “two books in one” in 1989 for the Best Verzorgde Boeken copetition catalogue. watch here http://www.dandad.co.uk/membership/lectures/boom/ at the end of part 1

  2. very nice trick i’m guessing its so simple but i just cant put my finger on it
    whats the secret I’m thinking different page sizes

  3. Ha, ha, I love it!

  4. This is a trick used by magicians for years. If you cut pages at an angle, you could even flip through view 3 sets of pages, by flipping pages from either at top, middle or bottom of the cut edge.

  5. nice trick… :)