Stretch Shelf

pete oyler: stretch shelfpete oyler: stretch shelf

Pete Oyler, a recent graduate of the rhode island school of design is the mastermind behind this Stretch Shelf. They are made of cast rubber and machined aluminum and are, essentially, giant rubberbands that function as wall shelves. Wonderful!

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  1. Looks like a rip off of “elastico.” Now, if this idea was conceived first, than I stand corrected?

  2. Of course, if people actually used this bit of “design-it-different porn” the way people actually use book shelves (Those that own more than three books.) it would quickly sag into the utter uselessness implicit is its materials and design. I simply don’t see what is so “wonderful”about these dysfunctional items.

  3. Hey Tina,
    You probably know why the fabulous stuff you keep finding is impossible to purchase, or, if possible is phenomenally expensive, even if made with recycled paper or cardboard. Why is that??
    Love the posts,