Brooklyn Fare

brooklyn fare

Brooklyn Fare is my alltime new favorite supermarket just around the corner from our apartment in Boerum Hill/Downtown Brooklyn. Their coffee cups made me laugh. Thumbs up to Matteo Bologna and his team over at Mucca, well done! Oh, and by the way, Brooklyn Fare is not a chain, this is their first store. Impressive implementation of beautiful design right off the start.

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  1. Haha, love the coffee cups! Love the design of all their packaging…very cute!

  2. Cute but unoriginal – check out to see what they copied…

  3. @Emma: I doubt that Eat. was the first place that ever decided to put sassy type on a bag, either…

    I wish the bags they did a great job designing weren’t just brown paper bags. Take the extra steps and get some reusable ones sold at your store, guys! I’d want to buy them regardless of if I could even shop there, and thus you’ll have people being walking promotionals!

  4. “It’s a small, not a tall.” I love it.

  5. definitely thumbs up for the cups! And I admit that the medium one totally bought me as soon as I was through with reading the types.
    I have to confess that reading that there was somebody who’s familiar with Italian made it slightly more obvious. As a native Italian speaker, whenever I have to order something at S’bucks counters I get quite some cognitive disorder as in my brain “grande” is mapped as “big”. Ok enough! Good, I like them!

  6. RJGNYC: They do have reusable bags for sale in the store with a similar design!

  7. Man I love good writing. Its a extra touch that goes a long way.

  8. @Emma: Jimmy John’s also does something similar. Their napkins say “WIPE!,” cups say “DRINK!” It’s not an original idea, but the stabs at Starbucks make this the funniest execution I’ve seen so far.