modified remote

This simplification of two remotes made me smile.

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  1. You know what’s funny (but kind of sad) about this is that it’s exactly what we had to do for my dad when his dementia kicked in, or else he would mess up his tv on a daily (if not hourly) basis. I think there’s a product idea here somewhere…

  2. My boyfriend could use something like this!


  3. Simplicity works! Love it.

  4. i did this too with mine, but a long time ago! / eu tb fiz com o meu, mas faz tempo!

  5. Less choice makes you often so much happier, brilliant! I hate my remote, cause it’s ugly and full of mysterious buttons, that noone uses…

  6. haha! i agree with METTE. sometimes you just want to make life simple. too many choices can cause too many headaches.

  7. I made something like this for my grandparents once but using paper is useless because you can still accidentally push the wrong buttons through it.
    It’s better to use something like sheet aluminum with tiny rubber button feet below it to keep it elevated above the buttons you don’t want touched.
    The design is spot on, it just needs to be stiffer than paper.

  8. Wow!!!

    It’s fantastic! rs

    Hugs guys. See you!!

  9. So… basically everyone that wants to get one, wants to get one of these for someone else.

  10. I’ll buy one! :)

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