Can you grill a bratwurst?


Now here’s a completely useless but *highly* entertaining iPhone App that was just released by Bell, a big swiss butcher chain. The app basically let’s you BBQ a bratwurst in real time. By blowing into the microphone you increase the BBQ fire/heat. Two thumbs up for originality to the crew over at ROD communications. Made me laugh (and hungry).

Download the App here over at iTunes.

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  1. Awesome App. A co-worker passed me this link to Bratwurstbooth in a little german village:

    Great Website.

  2. bahahaha! If it’s so wrong, why does it feel so right?

  3. You can also do Bacon!

    It’s not as sophisticated as the Bratwurst, but the graphics on this site are entertaining.

  4. fun !
    Does it explode too, if you blow too hard ?