Design Pricing Formula


David Airey has an interesting post about the much talked and agonized about topic on how much should design cost. He came up with a Design Pricing Formula.

He also lists a few interesting links to articles about Design Pricing:

12 Realities of Pricing Design Services, by Steven Snell
Nine Factors to Consider When Determining Your Price, by Collis Ta’eed
Is Charging More the Right Thing to Do? on Men With Pens
The Subtle Effects of Pricing on the Mentality of Clients, on FreelanceSwitch

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  1. fantastic article and link through. Doesn’t hurt that it is represented in a visually appealing manor. We just had this discussion at a designer get together i was at recently.

    I often feel that a flat rate + hourly combo works good, Since with just a flat rate you can totally short change yourself, and an hourly is too ambiguous for the client.

  2. Thanks very much for the mention, Tina. And Josh, I’m glad you like the post.

  3. This is awesome, it reminded me of a book I’m reading called “Value Based Consulting” it says that your pricing should not be by the hour, or even by the month, it must be determined by the value you’re giving your client.