Fire Design Fire Extinguishers


Look, cool type on a fire extinguisher. What’s not to like? So far they are only being sold in two stores in Paris: Cadeau Store and Boutique Fire. Let’s hope they make it across the Atlantic soon.

(via unplggd)

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  1. Hope? Yes, let’s! Want one, me, lots.

  2. Yes – saw these a while back and wrote to them to ask if they would ship to Switzerland. Even that doesn’t seem to be possible yet :(

  3. Yes, they look pretty and unique, but I think safety tools like fire extinguishers should have a standard appearance in order to ensure that all users know what it is and can notice it quickly in an emergency.

  4. DIY it with some paint and then vinyl stickers!

  5. I agree with Robert – at the least they don’t look like fire extinguishers. At worst they look too much like those reusable metal water bottles. Either way, you’d be screwed using one in the wrong circumstance. I think the type treatment is cool and all, but function before form for an emergency device…