Squirrel in Focus


This made me laugh:

Melissa Brandts wasn’t trying to take a photo of this ground squirrel at Banff National Park. She’d set up the camera’s timer so that she’d have a nice picture of herself and her husband, with spectacular Lake Minnewanka in the background. She hadn’t counted on this ground squirrel hogging the foreground.Photo by Melissa Brandt, from the Your Shot Daily Dozen at National Geographic magazine

(via neatorama/via chrisglass)

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  1. that just made my day… seriously hilarious.

  2. Hi gorgeous!

  3. That is just totally brilliant. I love squirrels. This is why! :D

  4. Oh, how much fun! This is absolutely wonderful, what a treasure.

  5. i hope they sent that squirrel a copy of the picture. heh, heh. ;)

  6. Love it, but yes, of course it is fake. Keep in mind that even the top DSLRs don’t autofocus after you set the timer. The squirrel is in perfect focus yet the people are blurred out, meaning the focus was on the squirrel when they hit the timer. If you want to get more technical, on a bright sunny day like this even a crappy camera would default to a high F stop which gives you nearly infinite focus meaning both the squirrel and people would be in focus….which would be far less dramatic. The comments about the tame squirrels in this area are completely true, and only lend to the fact that they saw a tame squirrel, got a close up of it and photoshopped it in. If this site would let me attach photos you would see how that same squirrel appears to be in my office right now! Nonetheless, still a great photoshopped image that makes me smile. Thanks for posting it.

  7. This made my afternoon ! have a nice weekend, everybody!

  8. Even if its fake I still love it!

  9. Maybe it is real and the couple just doesn’t know how to focus.

  10. Or maybe they photoshopped themselves into the picture?

  11. So cute! I love squirrels!


  12. The Banff Photobomber Squirrel has been caught on video:

  13. This made my day. It looks like it could be a cartoon. ;o}

  14. I love this! What a great shot!

  15. this is adorable and hilarious. i love it!

  16. There’s a flickr group dedicated to the basil nutts the squirrel (somehow he’s the new aretha’s hat now) http://www.flickr.com/groups/1227605@N22/

    Fake or not, this is hilarious!

  17. Not sure if you’ve already seen this, but it’s equally amusing… squirrelize your photos here!


  18. Someone took revenge and interrupted the squirrels’ photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glennbatuyong/3836441981/