Children’s Books by Peter Brown


Chowder and The Curious Garden by Peter Brown are currently high up on my list of favorite books to read to Ella. Peter Brown is a Brooklyn based Illustrator with a lovely sense of humor and fantasticly talented illustration style. Check out his books.

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  1. We just got The Curious Garden this weekend. Great story, and of course great illustrations. Chowder has been an old favorite.

  2. Oh, by the way, ever hear of David Wiesner. He’s authored/illustrated some great children’s books (Flotsam and Sector 7). Great stories with no words. Every time I’ve read it to my daughter, the story is different.

  3. i have to say that i’m a HUGE fan!!!


  4. Haven’t yet read these, but have been having good luck with new books lately. For instance just finished reading the first book in a a cute new book series titled, the farm series, by Amanda Lorenzo and absolutely loved it. Will definitely have to try the books you have suggested. Thanks for the great tips!