Owen | Good Friends, Bad Habits

(via lizfranco)

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  1. *blush* huge fan of your blog, Tina. Thanks for the shout-out. Glad you enjoyed Owen as much as I!

  2. Introduced to & loving your blog via Liz Franco (when she was in Boulder visiting this weekend). Will be reading. Love the video, love the bad habits. (Might even have a few of ’em myself…)

  3. Thank you for the clue, I haven’t know Owen, wonderful music!

  4. Yep, Liz got us all hooked on you this weekend. Love love. :)

  5. was that the little people of screenprinting?

  6. Swissmiss likes Owen? I didn’t think this blog could get any better. I stand corrected.

  7. It was shot in Chicago, so it could have been anybody around that area and friends. Bob Nanna of Braid/Hey Mercedes makes an appearance.

    New to Owen? Get the self-titled and At Home With… Related: Look up American Football – self titled and buy that record. Never Meant is a premium listen.

  8. @Josh, very good call on American Football. Mike Kinsella’s (Owen) band many years ago. I would recommend any of the Owen albums, but At Home With… is definitely the closest to his newest, New Leaves.